Why DADA by Stanbic Bank?

Because we are committed to supporting Kenyan women and the role they play in driving the Kenyan economy.

Your Well-Being Is Our Priority

At DADA by Stanbic, we recognise that sometimes health factors are beyond one’s control. However, we do find that there are several things that you can do as women to improve your health and fitness, and get those happy hormones going!
Regular exercise, having a healthy diet, and consciously taking care of your mental health can improve overall health. Meeting your doctor or a health professional for regular well-woman tests and for access to information is also an important part of your wellness.

Let Us Look After You

Which is why when you join the DADA by Stanbic community, you gain access to wellness information, experiences and clinics. Our wellness partners have been selectively identified and brought on board to partner in the provision of wellness clinics and rewards, because you matter to us. Join the DADA by Stanbic community to find out more.

Through DADA by Stanbic Bank, we cater to women by providing a range of unique non-financial services to address your needs and challenges as professionals and entrepreneurs, and to help you network, grow and flourish together!

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    Are you a hardworking woman, who is a member of at least one chama?  Do you run a small business or a number of businesses? Are you keen to grow financially?  DADA by Stanbic Bank offers a variety of accounts, services and tools that give you the right tools to make the management of your finances simple and stress-free.
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    Perhaps you’re a professional woman, either working in a professional setting or running your own business.  You employ a number of people, and though you already have a bank, you’re looking for a partner that can give you access to affordable financing alongside an amazing community of women where you can network  and access business training. If you are, let’s talk.
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    Perhaps you’re a progressive woman who’s looking for a bank that will help you scale up your business and give you powerful industry information and insights that will help you transform your business?  Or maybe what you need is the bank that understands your wellness needs and has a non-financial offering that gives you just that. We think DADA by Stanbic Bank might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Join the DADA by Stanbic Bank community here.

Non-Financial Services

DADA by Stanbic is more than banking. It is an integrated solution built on an understanding that the woman of today not only needs customised financial solutions, but also the support that enables her to learn, connect and grow in all aspects of her personal and business life.

Ever wondered what’s going on in the world of finance?  What the latest trends and insights are, or which industries are growing and why? 

Financial matters don’t have to sound like Greek.  And yet  they sometimes do.


When you join the DADA By Stanbic community, whether you are an individual, in a Chama or in business, you get access to a host of forums and sessions that allow you to learn and be more, as they will provide you with the tools needed to grow and succeed. From sector information to economic and market insights, financial, business and personal management skills, you will have access to information that is engaging and beneficial to you and your business. 

Be on the lookout for our updates to our DADA community, on all upcoming forums and sessions!  Updates will be shared via our various platforms. 

“The single most powerful asset we have is our mind.  If trained well, it can create enormous wealth” – Robert Kiyosaki.

Because we know that a simple hello could lead to many things, we want you to be where it’s happening. Come meet industry leaders, professionals, large and small businesswomen. When you join DADA by Stanbic Bank, you get to tap into the wonderful world of networking with like-minded women and men through forums and events.

DADA by Stanbic has also partnered with various organisations to provide you access to markets and platforms to profile your businesses. 

The time to build a network is always before you need one. And the truth is, behind every successful person, is a network of successful, quality relationships! Join our DADA By Stanbic community and get networking.

“Individually, we are one drop.  Together, we are an ocean”.

If you don’t take care of your body and mind, where are you going to live?  We value you as our customers, which is why DADA by Stanbic Bank offers you a series of wellness sessions to support you as a DADA member in your life journey.  Uplifting, informative and engaging sessions with professionals covering various areas, health screening clinics, Mental and physical wellbeing, CSR initiatives are some of the ways in which we embrace the wellness agenda within our DADA community.

Regularly check out the calendar for upcoming activities.

“ The first wealth is health”. Ralph Walco Emerson

Business Opportunity! Agency Banking Agents Required!

As a DADA by Stanbic Bank  member, here’s a great opportunity to start your own business.  Sign up to become one of our agency banking agents today! Agency banking is the provision of select banking services to our customers through a POS device. This device will offer the below services when you first sign up:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini-statements
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