Our Objective

Kenya is our home, and Stanbic Bank is here to contribute to Kenya’s growth.

Our DADA Philosophy

We believe in and celebrate women in our community and society.  We know that across homes, bomas, estates, villages, offices, chamas and more, women are coming together seamlessly to support each other, celebrate each other and build each other. This is the spirit of Kenyan Sisterhood.

And in that spirit, we are committed to walking with you to bring your dreams to life through DADA by Stanbic Bank.  We commit to playing a key role in women’s holistic development and growth, and impacting the lives of Kenyan women and communities, in a positive way.

This is a journey, not a destination, and we’re with you, all the way.

Let’s Dare to Aspire.  Let’s Dare to Achieve. Together.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

Did You Know That:

  • Out of a population of 47 million people in Kenya, approximately 50% are women.
  • 82% of total savings in Kenya are by women!  
  • 70% of women contribute to the household budget and make key buying decisions.
  • And that’s not all.  Women play a very significant role in driving the economy.  33% of all micro and formal SMEs are owned by women.

And Yet:

  • Data shows that women are under-represented when it comes to financial inclusion.
  • Only 1% of women own agricultural land.  Despite being 50% of the population in Kenya, women receive just 10% of available credit.

Join our DADA by Stanbic Bank Community, and build your financial independence.

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