General FAQs

Women and Chamas or groups that constitute at least 50% women.

DADA By Stanbic is a solution built on an understanding that today’s woman not only needs customised financial solutions but also support that enables her to learn, connect and grow in all aspects of her life. In addition to financial products, we therefore also offer non-financial services such as financial literacy training, networking opportunities with renowned business people and women within the community, mentorship sessions and wellness clinics.

Standard pricing applies i.e. Prime rate + a Margin. Kindly contact us or fill in the contact form on this site and we will get in touch and provide you with more information or guidance.

For existing Stanbic customers, there is no waiting period to qualify for a loan.
For new Stanbic customers, the account should have been in operation for at least 1 month for customers with a previous banking history. All loans are subject to terms and conditions.

Yes – the Bank will consider Mpesa and SACCO statements for new customers if the customer has no banking history.

With DADA By Stanbic, our customers can access the following loans:

  • Working Capital Loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance
  • Construction Loans
  • Mortgage and Commercial Property Loans
  • Trade Finance
  • Term Loans
  • Credit Cards

Yes, we offer up to 90 days moratorium on both Principal and Interest in exceptional cases where the purpose of the loan relates to a project and is secured by Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) or another form of tangible collateral.

No, this is not accepted by the bank, as this does not reflect the borrowing capacity of the Chama.

Lending to the chama will be guided by their constitution, and in line with our policies on lending.  Please fill in the contact form on our site so that we can contact you with more information that relates to your specific needs.

Yes.  The credit score from Credit Reference Bureau is a very important one.  The CRB status of individual members has an impact on the Chama qualification.

Loan takeovers are allowed based on your ability to qualify for the loan amount, and your ability to pay off the loan.  Please submit your contact details to us via our contact form should you need more information on this.

DADA By Stanbic offers its members a range of non-financial services and benefits, to help its members grow as individuals and as a community.

The benefits include:

  • Access to relevant and meaningful networking engagements.
  • Access to market platforms for your business.
  • Financial Literacy Sessions.
  • Access to wellness sessions conducted by professionals

For children we suggest the Child Pure Save account. For young adults, we propose either the Pure Save account or a Pay As You Go Account.

DADA by Stanbic has been established to cater to specific financial and non-financial needs of women individuals or women in business.

With DADA By Stanbic, you get access to:

  • Tailor-made financials solutions to fulfil your needs.
  • Access to non-financial offering that gives access to education, information, networking opportunities, rewards and wellness.

Yes, DADA proposition will be accessible on our digital/mobile channels. For existing clients, they have access to Mobile and Internet banking. For new clients we can now utilise the new onboarding tool. The team is hard at work developing wallet savings, a Chama app solution and many more solutions based on the client needs.

DADA will be offered across all our Personal and Business Banking segments with existing pricing applicable.

No, the DADA By Stanbic offering is accessible only to women. However the DADA By Stanbic offering is accessible to Chama’s where at least 50% of the members are women.

A DADA By Stanbic team is at hand to guide you. Kindly fill in our Contact Form on the website and we will get back to you shortly to address any questions you may have, or visit any of the Stanbic Bank branches near you.

Lipa 360 - Payments and Collection Solution

Lipa 360 is a payment, collection and reconciliation solution that Stanbic is offering to customers enabling them to collect fee dues securely and conveniently using our digital channels and further facilitate real time notifications and automated reconciliation of collections.

The solution is open to any client with a bulk collection need. The Bank creates a Customer profile upon onboarding and the client furnished with log in credentials to help access the portal.

Yes. A transactional account is required for collection of funds to enable viewing and reconciliation of transactions on the Lipa 360 portal.

  • Mobile Money 
  • Inter Account Transfers 
  • Cash Deposits 
  • Incoming Funds Transfers (RTGS, EFTs, SWIFT) 

Yes. A Paybill number is required to facilitate collection of mobile money therefore you shall be required to fill in the Safaricom Till_Paybill Application form.

Yes. However, you will be required to fill in the Safaricom Change of Bank Details form to move the Paybill to SBK for mapping to the Collection account.

  1. Dial *258*9#
  2. Accept T&Cs to proceed
  3. Select 1 to pay school fees
  4. Enter the School ID, the school will be populated for your confirmation
  5. Enter the Student registration number, Student name is populated for your confirmation
  6. Enter the amount to pay
  7. Select M-pesa option
  8. Enter your M-pesa PIN to submit payment

You will receive an automated SMS confirmation with a unique transaction reference for the payment.