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Bank With DADA

Who you are and where you’re going should matter to your bank. DADA can help you with your next move.

Borrow With Us

Get the funds you need on terms that suit your needs. Whatever your idea is, let’s make it happen together.

Insure What Matters

Premium insurance cover that’s tailored to your needs and circumstances. Feel safe with DADA by Stanbic.

Grow Your Money

DADA provides a variety of savings, investment and retirement solutions to invest and grow your funds.

Welcome to DADA by Stanbic Bank.

DADA by Stanbic Bank is an inclusive platform for women that provides financial and non-financial services to enable you to start &  grow in business. DADA by Stanbic Bank is committed to playing a key role in women’s holistic development and growth by offering account holders financial benefits such as borrowing, saving, protecting and managing wealth, as well as non-financial benefits  through education, information, networking, rewards, and wellness activities.

DADA by Stanbic Bank.

We are all about Sisterhood

Whether you’re a young woman in your twenties, a business woman in your sixties, or a corporate executive in your thirties, we have something for you! If you’re employed, employed with a business on the side, or doing full time business, you can talk to us! That’s because at DADA by Stanbic Bank, we understand your needs, and are here to provide tangible solutions that will help you grow and progress.  We are  a community created to celebrate women in our community and society.  We believe that regardless of where they come from, women’s goals are the same – to grow, flourish, nurture and succeed! We are here to support, celebrate and build you, in the true spirit of Kenyan Sisterhood.

This is a journey, and like a real DADA, we are with you all the way!

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

The DADA Non-Financial Services

Education & Information

You get access to a host of forums and sessions that allow you to learn and be more.


Come meet industry leaders, professionals, large and small businesswomen.

Wellness & Rewards

Uplifting, informative and engaging sessions with professionals, and more…

The DADA Financial Services

We can help you achieve your goals, the more you save, the more you get.

Digital Banking
Digital Banking

DADA by Stanbic Bank is here to make banking easier for women entrepreneurs.

Borrow With Us
Borrow With Us

We offer loans for individuals, chamas and businesses.

Save With Us
Save With Us

We can help you achieve your goals , the more you save the more you get.

Protect What Matters
Protect What Matters

Medical cover, paying for your kids’ education or even insuring your business.

Invest & Grow
Invest & Grow

Do you want to invest locally? Internationally? Online?

Become an Online Banking Agent

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