Do you want to invest locally? Internationally? Online?  Knowing where to invest or how to invest to make your money grow is not always easy.  That’s why at DADA By Stanbic, we give you personalised advice on where to invest and how to track how your money is growing.

Our Wealth Management offers include:
  • Shares trading where you can trade in:
    • Local shares listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange through i-Trader (computer) and M-Shares via mobile.
    • International shares through our Standard Bank Webtrader
    • International shares across 30 exchanges in the world
  • Access Treasury bills for a minimum amount is Kes 100,000/=, or Treasury Bonds for a minimum amount of Kes 50,000/=
  • You can also access Treasury Bonds through the M-Akiba Application. Dial *889# to get started

If you’re interested in Foreign Currency, E-Market Trader will enable you access real time prices as well as book deals for yourself. Register Here.

Wealth for business: We have created a model that captures our philosophy and approach to advising business clients in the planning and management of their wealth over time. Wealth measures the value of financial resources. However, wealth is relative as it varies from one business to another. Regardless of the size of one’s business, the definition of wealth remains the same.
  • We will help our DADAs with goal setting for your business.
  • We will hold your hand and walk with you as you continue to grow.
  • As we navigate the business world, we will be there to help you with risk management.
  • We will help you when it comes to managing your investment portfolio.
  • We believe in understanding your goals and needs as a business and managing your wants as well.
Personal wealth: Personal wealth means different things to different people. For some it may be sharing a business, for others it could be earning their first paycheck or buying their first car, or saving for retirement
  • We believe in setting realistic goals in partnership with our DADAs that speaks to their lifetime, not just their current reality. We also believe that you have to plan well to succeed.
  • Through management of wealth, we believe DADAs will be able to create a better purpose with their lives.
  • This is a journey that we walk with you and with those you love
  • Trading and speculation is not necessary if proper planning is in place. We will be there to help with risk management.
  • Our role is about serving every DADAs needs by listening and understanding that each is on their own unique journey to wealth creation at different stages.

To get more information on a range of wealth management options and investment solutions, contact our DADA Investment advisor on +254203268888 / 0800720044 to schedule an appointment.


“You must gain control over your money – or the lack of it will forever control you”.

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