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Social networking platforms are no longer thought of as just an avenue for passing time. It is an important marketing tool every business should take advantage of. It is the one direct line to your clients 24/7. With the state of business this year and the disruptions caused by the stay home directives, digital marketing has taken its place as king.

We say it is king because it stands superior to the marketing options available to business people everywhere. Digital marketing is:

  1. Inexpensive

In these times of great uncertainty, it is wise for any woman in business to cut costs. Some of the costs cut could be marketing costs but all isn’t lost because digital marketing can be tailored to fit any wallet. Even without a budget, you can create traction while making the necessary sales.

For those in retail business, setting up a digital store could be more profitable in the long-run. It takes away the need for physical stores and the costs that come with it.

2. Accessible

Everyone with a smartphone or with internet access can access your digital marketing content. From WhatsApp to Facebook and Email, LinkedIn to Pinterest and YouTube, there’s no limit to where you can share content that targets your clients.

3. Dynamic

We have all needed to adapt our business practices and models in the last few months. Part of that restructuring should involve adapting a dynamic marketing strategy and quite frankly the only one that has stood the test of the pandemic has been digital marketing.

There is a growing need for digital content and the most relevant wins an audience and customer base but what makes digital the way to go for businesses both big and small?

It gets you where the clients are.

With most people working from home and avoiding public spaces, the digital space has opened up for communion and interaction. Conversations are going on there and with a comprehensive digital marketing plan, your business can be part of the conversations. It is now easier to reach more clients at once and leverage on referrals your product or service may attract.

Keeps your growth plan intact no matter what.

When you are in full view of your clients, you can map out a growth plan and work towards it, setting targets along the way that you adjust according to the market insights you gather.

Set targets for how many customers you would like to reach each day, week and month, detail how you would like to reach them and evaluate your growth regularly.

Ideally, since digital marketing opens up your business to a wider audience, it should be part of your growth plan and this should be invested in.

Tunes you into market insights

The digital space moves fast and you will get to know whether what you are doing is working or not, quite fast. Pay attention to this and adjust accordingly.

So, how does a woman in business begin investing in digital marketing?

You could get a professional to do the work for you while you work on improving your products and services. There are quite a number of professionals in the space, some of whom are DADAs, just like you. They are always willing to help.

Attend the classes you need to do it yourself. As part of DADA’s mandate, we provide you with the information you need to navigate the digital space through webinars and networking sessions. Aside from these, you could take a course online.

All in all, keep your clients engaged. You can always take advantage of the DADA networks to grow your following.