We all look forward to the holidays whether we are in business or not. The festivities come with incredible urges to relax, unwind and spend. For those who work away from home, especially this year, this is the chance they needed to see their families and shower them with all sorts of gifts. We’ve had a rough year and things are finally looking up and the economy is opening up.

For those of us in business, this is the chance to move most of our stock. The beginning of the year is understandably slow with most people making their purchases, large and small, during the holiday period. Every sale in this season counts towards your company’s wellbeing. Here are a few tips on how to make maximum sales that move your business forward during the festive season:

  1. Package Your Product

People buy into emotion more often than they buy for functionality in the festive season.

If you can create holiday packs containing two or more products that tell a story, you are more likely to sell and sell more while at it. Say, for instance, Mercy Kyallo of Yallo Leather wants to sell a new mum package, she would put together a set that contains a diaper bag, hand bag and possibly a thermal insulated bag and sell it as one package. It gives more value to the person making the purchase while reducing Yallo Leather’s overheads. They would make just one delivery for three products sold.

2. Offer Holiday Promotions

Everyone loves a good deal…

If that deal saves them money, they will love it even more. An amount saved through discounts and packaged deals often go into other sales. So, this is a good thing for anyone in business. However, your promotions and discounts should be carefully calculated so as to avoid poking holes in your bottom line. At the end of the day, you need to make money. The more people speak positively about your promotions, the more sales you get.

3. Spread The Word

Let it be known that you are in business.

The more eyes you have on your products and offering, the higher your chances of making significant sales. This is not the time to be shy about your business. It is time you direct your communication to your desired audience and even wider. Invest in digital marketing for your products and services and spark conversations that eventually convert into sales.

4. Be Consistent

Customer experience is King!

Customers come to you for the first time because they are intrigued by your offering. What keeps them coming back is the consistency you offer. If a customer comes to you the first time and you welcome them with a warm smile and a glass of juice, they will expect that every time they come by. The minute you stop, they move on to the next person offering them equal or better service. Set your standard and stick to it well beyond the festive season. After all, we want our clients to come back in the new year, right?